Worm Herder Saga - Letter 3

Cover Description
Envelope addressed to Thaddeus Spelt bearing a Quirm four pence stamp and postmarked POST CHITTLE QUIRM OFFICE and initialled 18GR. Envelope bears an advert for EBENEZER MANGLE LICENCED WORM BREEDERS & HERDER LOAM ACRES FARM CHITTLE BY QUIRM
Contains a Clacks message to Thaddeus requesting he pick up a consignment of worms.

Third offering in the Saga of the Worm Herder Collection.

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Name:Request to Thaddeus Spelt
SHS Ref: SCT-0016a
Released:3 June 2014
Availability:Green Cabbage Trading Scheme
No. issued:100
Stamps: Quirm Four Pence
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Keywords: Green Cabbage Trading Scheme Ebenezer Mangle Thaddeus Spelt Worm Herder Quirm Four Pence


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