Nibbled by Marine Creatures

Cover Description
Envelope bearing the heading For the immediate attention of The Lady of the House and addressed to 36 Chitterling St, Ankh-Morpork and the logo of The Patriotic Womans’ Association of AM with a 10 pence Koom Valley stamp cancelled with the Ankh-Morpork Post Office frank and stamped with the words "NIBBLED BY MARIME CREATURES" and a depiction of said marine creature in green.
The envelopes is stained with green and is nibbled.

Sixth and last in the Damaged in the Postbox series.

Images and Documents
Patriotic Women’s Association letter  
Sir Henry Balaclava knitted helmet brochure  

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Name:Nibbled by Marine Creatures
SHS Ref: SCT-0006a
Released:1 June 2007
Availability:Limited Availability
No. issued:50
Stamps: Koom Valley Ten Pence (Dwarf)
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Keywords: GCTS Nibbled Marine Creatures Sir Henry Balaclava Patriotic Women’s Association


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