Captain Eightpanther’s Digestives

Cover Description
On the left is a drawing of Sir Roderick Purdeigh in pith helmet and safari suit smoking a pipe with smoke standing in front of a Big Wahooni in an elaborate frame with a portrait of Captain Eightpanther in a circular frame bordered by a scroll with the wording "EIGHTPANTHER’S CELEBRATED DIGESTIVES" at the top and a curved frame a the bottom enclosing the words "SIR RODERICK PURDEIGH, DISCOVERER OF THE DISC’S LARGEST WAHOONI Sustained on his many travels thanks to EIGHTPANTHER’S CELEBRATED DIGESTIVES".
On the right is the wording "No matter where you travel, or how arduous your journey, CAPTIAN EIGHTPANTER’S DIGESTIVES will Fortify & sustain you. Recommended by Physicians.
The envelope bears the 6p Big Wahooni stamp cancelled by the AM Consulate Wincanton frank in olive green.

Available only to subscribers of the Stanley Howler Journal number 6.

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Name:Captain Eightpanther’s Digestives
SHS Ref: SCM-0001a
Released:15 April 2006
Availability:Limited Availability
No. issued:600
Stamps: Six Pence Big Wahoonie
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