Defecated Upon by Mongeese

Cover Description
Envelope bearing an advert for Corksock’s Natty Clothing, Elm Street, Ankh-Morpork and addressed to "The Occupier, 36 Chitterling Street, Ankh-Morpork" bearing a One Farthing Merchants’ Guild stamp and cancelled with the Ankh-Morpork stamp.
Stamped with the words "DEFECATED UPON BY MONGEESE" and bearing a small piece of poo.

Fourth in the Damaged in the Postbox series.

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Corksodk flier  

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Name:Defecated Upon by Mongeese
SHS Ref: SCT-0004a
Released:1 June 2007
Availability:Limited Availability
No. issued:70
Stamps: Merchant Farthing overprint
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Flier has a Merchant’s Guild Farthing overprint attached

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