Agnathea Parker Opera Ticket

Cover Description
Envelope bearing a line drawing of the Opera House in an oval frame with the wording ANKH-MORPORK OPERA HOUSE and THE HOME OF CULTURE IN ANKH-MORPORK with the address
Mrs Agnathea Parker, 1 Lobbin Cloute, Ankh-Morpork in script
and a POST PAID stamp and cancelled with the Ankh-Morpork Post Office frank in purple.

Available through the Green Cabbage Trading Scheme for 25 stamps.

Images and Documents
Opera Ticket - Seat B45  
Ticket conditions  
Prepaid postcard  
Postcard reply  

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Name:Agnathea Parker Opera Ticket
SHS Ref: SCT-0008a
Released:1 April 2008
Availability:Green Cabbage Trading Scheme
Stamps: Ankh-Morpork Post Paid
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The postcard has a mint Ankh-Morpork Post Paid stamp attached

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