Church of Om Temple Appeal

Cover Description
Brown envelope bearing a drawing of the Great Temple of Gidal in an oval frame with the wording "THE GREAT TEMPLE OF OM AT GIDRAL" and "THE GREAT OM CALLS ON YOU THIRD DAY CONGREGATIONALIST TABERNACLE 43b Meek St, ANKH-MORPORK.
Addresses to Brother V-T-I-W-E-L c/o The Watch House. Chittling Street, Ankh-Morpork and bearing a 1 Obol stamp with associated tract.

The stamp featured in and on the envelope is a reissue of the earlier 1 Obal stamp and comes with a relevant quotation from the Second Omnian IV text concerning spelling.

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Historic Temple Appeal  
Prepaid envelope  

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Name:Church of Om Temple Appeal
SHS Ref: SCT-0013a
Released:1 July 2011
Availability:Green Cabbage Trading Scheme
Stamps: Omnian 1 Obol
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Four mint Omnian One Obol stamps are enclosed

Keywords: Tabernacle Gidral VTIWEL OM


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