Djelibeybi Sandstone Envelope

Cover Description
Slab of sandstone with the address THE HONOURABLE GUILD OF EMBALMERS PEACH PIE STREET ANKH-MORPORK bearing a 1 Talon Djelibeybi stamp and cancelled with the Djelibeybi cartouche.

An interesting postcard has come into our possession. Addressed
to the Guild of Embalmers, it is believed to come from those
jobbing builders of Necropoli and Family Tombs, Ptaclusp and Sons
and Sons, and it appears to have been inscribed onto a slab of
old sandstone they just happened to have lying around.
We have just 100 facsimiles of this Djelibeybian artefact,
complete with stamp and postmark and numbered certificate of

The postcard will be offered for sale from 10.00am (British
Summer Time) on Monday 28 July 2008 at a cost of £14.00 plus
postage and packaging.

Images and Documents
Underside of postcard  
Certificate of authentication  64 of 100

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Name:Djelibeybi Sandstone Envelope
SHS Ref: SCR-0024a
Released:25 July 2008
Availability:Limited Availability
No. issued:100
Stamps: Djelibeybi One Talent
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