Glee Club 2005

Cover Description
Cream envelope with a colour drawing of a snow covered scene with the Death of Rats and Quoth the Raven with fabric red breast tied on with yellow cord on a snow covered log with oak leaves and an acorn in the foreground and the Hogfather on a sleigh pulled by 4 black hogs passing in front of the full moon with the wording "HOGSWATCH" in blue and "2005" in lilac vertically along the right-hand side of the drawing. At the top a Floral Oak Leaf and Acorn Frank in red with the wording "HOGSWATCH 2005"
Across the bottom of the envelope is the wording "HOGSWATCH GLEE CLUB CELEBRATIONS" in blue and "WINCANTON - DECEMBER 2005" in Red and bearing a 50p Ankh-Morpork stamp and cancelled with the Ankh-Morpork Post Office Wincanton frank in Red dated 1 Dec 2005.

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Name:Glee Club 2005
SHS Ref: SCX-0001a
Released:1 December 2005
Availability:Orders from Emporium
No. issued:500
Stamps: Hogswatch Fifty Pence
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First Hogswatch cover issued.

Keywords: Hogswatch


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