Agatean Empire Correspondence

Cover Description
Cream Envelope Bearing a Gold Label with Spiral Edging and some Agatean Logograms three columns of logograms centrally and a smaller version of the golden label above the Agatean logogram for Nest in Red

The first two Logograms on the front of the envelope seem to indicate it is a Haiku.

The inside of the letter is in Agatean Logograms which roughly translates as
"To the man recommended by the honorary consulate,
I praise the best-quality golden stamp has been made by most-reputable craftsman and craftswomen. I am respected to ask if you would like to accept a hundred of such stamps as representation of the improved communication between our two proud nations.
Acting Principal General"

Images and Documents
Back over letter with seal  
Gold stamp from Commonwealth of Dominica  Issued in 1909

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Name:Agatean Empire Correspondence
SHS Ref: SCR-0009a
Released:1 February 2008
Availability:Orders from Emporium
The Agatean Logograms on the label translate as "Gold Coloured Mail Label"

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