Princess Sheebah Koffee Company

Cover Description
Drawing of Klatchian Maiden holding tray and long-spouted jug in Circular frame with the wording THE PRINCESS SHEEBAH KOFFEE COMPANY The street of a Thousand Camels The Kingdom of Klatch
The Mellow Klatchian Coffee with a rich taste and Klatchian writing in red and a cup ring in brown bearing a 10 Wol and 50 wol stamps and cancelled with a Celtic Knot style frank red.

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Letter from Ahkmehd bin Lard  

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Name:Princess Sheebah Koffee Company
SHS Ref: SCR-0011a
Released:20 March 2008
Availability:Unlimited availability
No. issued:200
Stamps: Klatch Ten Wol Phoenix
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Klatch Fifty Wol Phoenix
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