Troll Postcard Home

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Grey Rock containing ammonite traces ’SGT DETRITUS ANKH-MORPORK CITY WATCH ANKH-MORPORK carved into the rock bearing a Koom Valley Ten Pence Troll cancelled with the Koom Valley Field Post

No matter what their specie might be, all soldiers on active duty
find solace in communicating with the folks back home, even if
that home is Ankh-Morpork. Trolls, it seems, are no exception,
and during recent hostilities in Koom Valley it was not uncommon
for serving trolls to send messages to family and friends in
Ankh-Morpork via Sergeant Detritus. These *postcards* (for want
of a better word) were hewn from the living rock of Koom Valley,
and just 100 are known to have survived to reach their

These 100 troll postcards, together with a numbered certificate
of authenticity, will be available for purchase from 9.30am GMT
on Friday 22 February.

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Name:Troll Postcard Home
SHS Ref: SCR-0022a
Released:20 February 2008
Availability:Limited Availability
No. issued:100

Keywords: Troll Detritus Koom Valley


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