Mrs Bradshaw’s Letter

Cover Description
Red Tea Rose with stems and leaves addressed to Mr Lipwig C/o Ankh-Morpork and Sto Plains Railway, Administration Office, New Ankh-Station, Ankh-Morpork and stamped AM&SPHR RAIL MAIL brown and CRANBURY INTERCHANGE MAIL OFFICE MAIN LINE green bearing a One Farthing Chalk stamp and cancelled with the Two Shirts frank red.

Images and Documents
Letter to Lipwig. Page 1  
Letter to Lipwig. Page 2  
Letter to Lipwig. Page 3  
Letter to Lipwig. Page 4  
Brassica World postcard  
Sto Plains postcard  
Big Cabbage bumper sticker  

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Name:Mrs Bradshaw's Letter
SHS Ref: SCR-0021a
Released:9 October 2014
Availability:Limited Availability
Stamps: The Chalk One Farthing
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