Thieves’ Guild Four Pence

Sheet Description
Landscape Orientation White selvedge Top and Bottom Inverted Graduated Cabbages Green ’THE YEAR OF THE SIGNIFYING FROG’ Cartouches of Five Symbols BP, Patrician, CE, Roundel and AB Blue Bottom Left Ascending ’ANKH-MORPORK GUILD OF THIEVES, BURGLARS AND ALLIED TRADES’ with Interlaced Design Green Right Descending ’TEEMER & SPOOLS ANKH-MORPOK BY APPOINTMENT’ and AM Badge Central bordered by ’FOUR PENCE’ with Interlaced Design Green.

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Signifying Frog   [ Album Page ]

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Name:Thieves’ Guild Four Pence
SHS Ref: SHE-0031-A
Released:1 October 2005
Size (mm):296 wide by 210 high
Layout:4 rows by 8 columns
Price £:12.80
Availability:Very Rare item [208 issued]
Stamp Page:shs0031
Stamps: shs0031a   shs0031b  
Sport:r1, c1: shs0031b

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