Green Cabbage Trading Scheme
Image   Stamp Id   Stamp Name Rate Stamps GCTS Spare
  View   SHSNF0317  NoThingFjord Sea Mail Two Crognae (Frog Ascendant)
  View   SHSAM0370  $1 Sir Samuel Vimes (Spinning Mouse)
  View   SHSAM0373  Doctor Whiteface 3p (Spinning Mouse)
  View   SHSAM0375  Treacle Mine Road Watch House 3p (Spinning Mouse)
  View   SHSAM0379  Uberwald League of Temperance (Spinning Mouse)
  View   SHSKR0382  Krull One Flot (Spinning Mouse)
  View   SHSAM0397  Assassins' Guild Three Pence (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSLL0398   Llamedos Ffyrling (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSAM0400  Cruel & Unusual Geography (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSOC0402  Ohulan Cutash One Crown (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSAM0403  Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSAM0408  Alchemists' Guild 3p (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSAM0409  Soul Cake Duck 1p (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSAM0410  Discworld Diamond Dollar (Sneezing Panda)
  View   SHSAM0420  SWALK 2p (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSAM0421  Prid of Ankh-Morpork (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSKL0422  20 wol Airmail (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSAM0424  Patina 3p (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSAE0426  Last Emperor 2 rhinu (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSXX0427  Fourecks 1 Squid (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSSP0428  Half Penny Big Cabbage (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSSP0429  Octarine Grass Country 2p (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSLA0431  Magrat & Verence Six Pence (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSLA0432  Magrat & Verence Three Pence (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSAM0433  $1 Clacks Mail (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSAM0434  Thieves' Guild Twelve Pence (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSAM0435  Four Pence Petty Theft (Backward Facing Artichoke)
  View   SHSAM0438  Post Office Half Penny burgundy (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0439  Penny Patrician Lobster (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0440  Ankh Two Pence Green (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0441  Morporkia Five Pence (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0442  Morporkia Ten Pence (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0443  $1 Tower of Art (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0444  Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSTO0445  Tsort Half Drachma (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSTO0446  Tsort One Drachma (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSDJ0447  Djelibeybi 1 Talent (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSDJ0448  Queen Ptraci 5 ptascp (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
April 2018 exchange   Total Submission  

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