Green Cabbage Trading Scheme
Image   Stamp Id   Stamp Name Rate Stamps GCTS Spare
  View   SHSUB0454  Uberwald 30 Bizot (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0456  Pseudopolis Yard 4p (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSBR0457  Borogravia Thrupenny 'Cheesemonger' (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSHE0458  Hersheba 1 Dong (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSQU0459  Quirm Four Pence (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
  View   SHSAM0469  BSJ Cruet Set (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0470  BSJ Empirical Crescent (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0471  Guild of Assassins 1p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0472  Guild of Seamstresses 1p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0473  Praise be unto Offler 5p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0474  Anoia Five Pence (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0475  Fools' Guild One Penny (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0476  Blind Io 5p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0477  Thieves' Guild 1p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0478  Merchants' Guild 1p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0479  Lady Sybil Free Hospital 6p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0480  Moist von Lipwig 5p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSKV0481  Remember Koom Valley 3p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSAM0482  Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons 5p (Incontrovertible Skunk)
  View   SHSLA0491  Lancre Farthing (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSBO0492  Queen Blodwen 30 bz (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0493  The Wahoonie (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0494  Quantum Weather Butterfly (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0495  Curious Squid (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0496  5p Samuel Vimes (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0498  Guild of Artificers 1p (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0499  Express Ten Pence (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0500  Dunmanifestin Dollar (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0501  Fedecks 5p (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0502  Nuggan 5p (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0503  The Lady 5p (Condescending Carp)
  View   SHSAM0507  Post Office Half Penny (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0508  Penny Patrician Gold (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0509  Ankh Two Pence (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0510  Morporkia Five Pence (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0511  Morporkia Ten Pence (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0512  $1 Tower of Art burgundy (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0513  Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0514  Lord Vetinari Three Pence (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0515  $1 International (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0516  Igor2Igor $1 Eyes (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0517  Igor2Igor $1 Hand (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0518  Rat-onna-Stick (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0519  The Figgin (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0520  Sausage-inna-Bun (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0521  Distressed Pudding (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSOM0522  Brutha 1 Obol (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSGE0523  Genua $5 (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0524  Unseen University Farthing (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0525  Unseen University One Penny (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0526  Unseen University Penny Farthing (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSRT0527  Village Post Farthing (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSSH0528  One Penny Sprout (Beleaguered Badger)
  View   SHSAM0532  Post Office half penny (Lachrymating Leveret)
  View   SHSAM0533  Penny Patrician (Lachrymating Leveret)
  View   SHSAM0534  Ankh Two Pence Plum (Lachrymating Leveret)
  View   SHSAM0535  Morpork Five Pence (Lachrymating Leveret)
  View   SHSAM0536  Morpork Ten Pence (Lachrymating Leveret)
  View   SHSAM0537  $1 Tower of Art (Lachrymating Leveret)
  View   SHSAM0538  Cabbage Fields Fifty pence (Lachrymating Leveret)
  View   SHSAM0541  The Great Fire (Lachrymating Leveret)
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